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Between now and end of June 2017, get 10% off the price of all stainless wire balustrade cables, fittings and tools. To claim, please enter the code JUNE17 on your shopping cart


Videos are a great way of explaining in more depth how a product works

Video 006 (Added 12/5/17) : Producing a turned timber baluster.


Video 005 (Added 5/12/16) : Manufacturing 66mm thick American Oak stair treads.

Video 004 (Added 10/11/16) : Manufacturing 50mm round dowel on our Weinig moulder.

Video 003 (Added 8/11/16) : Turning a 112x112mm verandah post on a rotary knife lathe

Video 002 (Added 31/10/16) : Producing a square tapered leg on a Mattison rotary knife lathe

Video 001 (Added 12/10/16) : Turning a coffee table leg on a Mattison rotary knife lathe.