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Step 1.00

Setting up the framework:

  • Place coffee table pipe legs in Wall Flange (GAF131-B34) and tighten with allen key
  • Slide 3 x Short T (GAF101-B34) onto cross support pipe evenly and secure with allen key
  • Place 2 x 90 Degree Elbow (GAF125-B34) on the end of each cross support pipes and secure 
  • With the Wall Flange and pipe legs in position, place constructed cross support pipes onto each end with the outer two Short T's sliding onto pipe legs. Your 90 Degree Elbow opening should be facing upwards
  • Repeat on other side
NOTE: How you have the fittings is up to you. To keep with the industrial feel, ensure the set screws are visible from the outside of the coffee table structure. 


Step 1.00

Mark out the centre of the top of your post:


  • Rule from opposite corner to corner and mark centre point.

TIP: Use a nail and hammer to tap a drill guide point in the centre. 

  • Drill 50mm (half the length of screws) deep in centre point. 


Step 1.00

  • Take Ferrule and slide it through your wire in one hole
  • Loop it back on itself and go back through the other Ferrule hole to create a loop knot


Step 2.00

Attaching frame to timber tread (coffee table top):


  • Attach the centre pipe beam to both centre Short T (GAF101-B34) and secure with allen key
  • Turn structure over and ensure 90 Degree Elbow fitting and cross pipe beam are flush with your workbench and is stable 
  • Position legs onto the underside of the timber tread and screw into place.
TIP: It is a good idea to pre-drill holes into timber tread. 


Step 2.00

Attach Fence Post Capital:


  • With vice grips, secure the screw and wind into the top of your drill hole until the screw has half its length remaining.
  • Once screwed in, remove vice grips.
  • Apply construction adhesive around the base of the screw where the post capital will sit. 

NOTE: To avoid adhesive seeping from your post capital only use a small circle around the base- don't cover the post head.

  • Take your turned capital and wind down onto the screw until flush with your post head.
  • Ensure screwed on tight.



Step 2.00

  • Grab thimble and attach to the loop then pull the Ferrule back up on itself to secure in place
NOTE: The point of the thimble is to protect the wire from other attachments and fasteners like a saddle 

Step 3.00

Check and tighten:  

  • Turn 90 Degree Elbow 'feet' up the right way and tighten with allen key
  • Turn coffee table over and check it is stable and secure tightly all fasteners          

TIP: If your table is stable, check which leg needs to be lengthened and loosen the fittings to adjust the pipe legs before retightening. 

Step 3.00

If you are using a Pyramid Fence Post Capital it is a much faster installation:


1. Make sure the top of your fence post is nice and clean

2. Place adhesive on top of the post and the inside of the capital

3. Position capital over the post, slide down and apply pressure before leaving to set




Step 3.00

  • Grip your Hand Swager and Cutter and put in position on the Ferrule
  • Apply pressure and squeeze to shut
  • Use the cutter in your Hand Swager if you would like to cut and neaten the ends of the wire.


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