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30mm Hardwood Dowel

30mm Hardwood Dowel

Manufacturing timber dowel use to be quite a challenge for us until we purchased a new machine a few years back. Before we got this machine it was difficult to accurately line up the cutters so that you ended up with a perfectly round dowel. With the new machine this is not an issue, and as a result we have been able to very quickly produce dowels in different sizes.

We recently had a customer make a request for us to make 30mm dowel in Victorian Ash. We didn't have any tooling for this size, but we quickly got some made up and then set about running the couple of thousand metres of timber through out Weinig moulder to produce the end product.

We currently stock dowel and half dowel in a range of sizes from 13 to 60mm, but we are also able to produce it in many other sizes as well as different timbers.

The full range of sizes and timbers can be found in our online store. If you can't find the size you are looking for, then please contact us to see what the price would be to have it made up.