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32mm Round Hardwood Timber Dowel

32mm Round Hardwood Timber Dowel

A few years back we had a request from a hardware store in regional South Australia as to whether we could make a 32mm diameter hardwood timber dowel. We said that was easy, but then the customer told us that they needed to all by 4.2 metres in length, which presented us with a bit of a challenge.

Due to their use in the mining industry, they couldn't be made from Pine, so we needed to look for a hardwood alternative that we could buy in a set length.

The solution was finger jointed Merbau, which was being imported into the country in various sizes, but more importantly for us, was available in long lengths.

Using this material we were able to give the customer the 4.2 metre lengths that they requried, as well as the hardness of the timber.

Hardwood Wooden Dowel

Hardwood Timber Dowel