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Orders are still being shipped (the shutdown of the borders does NOT affect freight), and our Adelaide store is open to walk in customers.

38mm Diameter Stainless Steel Glass Standoffs

38mm Diameter Stainless Steel Glass Standoffs

Last year we introduced 50mm diameter stainless steel glass standoffs to our range of stainless glass fittings. In most cases the 50mm diameter was the preferred size, but for many stairbuilders who liked to use the standoff on the end of a 42mm thick stair tread, they wanted something a bit smaller in diameter.

We are pleased to announce that we now have added two 38mm diameter standoffs in our range. Once comes with an M12 thread and the other comes with a lag screw, which is perfect for fitting into the end of timber treads.

Apart from the fact that they are smaller in diameter the other main difference is that they are also considerably lower in price than the 50mm versions.

For more info, have a look on our online shop.

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38 Diamter Stainless Glass Standoff

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