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COVID-19 Update (Aug 2020) : We are located in Adelaide, South Australia.
Orders are still being shipped to all parts of Australia (including Melbourne), but there may
be slight delivery delays due to restrictions that transport companies are currently dealing with.

40mm Half Dowel in Hardwood

40mm Half Dowel in Hardwood

Up until a 10 years ago we didn't do a lot of dowels, as we didn't have the right equipment to make them on. After investing in the necessary machinery, manufacturing timber dowels is now a large part of our business.

With this in mind, when we recently had a request from a customer to make a few thousand metres of 40mm diameter half dowel for a job up in Darwin we jumped at the opportunity.

Using 50 x 25 Victorian Ash feed stock we setup our Weinig 7 head moulder and ran the job without a hitch.

This product as well as other dowels and 1/2 dowels that we sell can be found in our online shop.