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43mm Round Wall Rail in Jarrah

43mm Round Wall Rail in Jarrah

For the last few years we have been manufacturing a 43mm round wall rail in both Vic Ash and Jarrah. Whilst most of the sales are in the lower priced Vic Ash, we still do have a number of customers who are willing to pay a bit more for Australian Jarrah.

Unfortunately the quality of Jarrah that we have been receiving more recently has not been as good as it use to be. There are many reasons for this; but the main one is that there are only a couple of timber mills in Western Australia that are allowed to produce it, and the quality of logs that they have been getting have been on the decline for quite a while now.

As a result of all this, I had been thinking about removing it from our product range, as there is no point in selling a product if you can't get the quality that customers want; that was until I had a chance conversation with a local timber merchant who told me that he had been sitting on a pack of 250x50 Jarrah for a few years, and was willing to sell it to me for a good price if I was happy to take it all. He assured me that the quality was good, so I got it an ran it through our moulder. The end result can be seen in the photos below .... perfectly straight, colour consistent and very few defects.

The good news is that the quality of Jarrah handrail that I will be selling will be quite high for a while now, but the bad news is that when it is all gone, then that will probably be the end of us selling Jarrah handrail ... unless of course I can find another pack hidden away somewhere !

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