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4mm Stainless Wire Cable and Fittings

4mm Stainless Wire Cable and Fittings

A couple of years back we introduced a small selection of stainless steel wire balustrade fittings and cable to our range of products; and since then we have slowly been increasing the variety of different products that we carry.

Up until recently all of these fittings have been for 3.2mm wire cable; but we have now added 4mm wire cable as well as a couple of hydraulically swaged fittings.

Even though it may only be 0.8mm thicker the difference in strength is quite significant, and allows for the span between supports to be increased from 1.5m to 2.0m. This is particularly important in commercial applications where maintaining the correct tension is vital.

Once we start gaining some sales, we will start to look to add more products to the range.

Stainless Wire Balustrade Fittings