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8 Different Sizes of Cabriole Legs to Choose From

8 Different Sizes of Cabriole Legs to Choose From

Since the 1970's we have been manufacturing a range of wooden cabriole legs. These traditional legs are made from plantation grown Radiata Pine and are available in a range of 8 heights from the smallest size of 115mm to the tallest size of 735mm.

They are manufactured in our factory in Adelaide on a Zuckermann copy lathe that that was purchased in the early 1980's. This lathe is setup to produce 8 legs at a time, based on a cast pattern. Although the production is fast as a result of this machine; the real skill is in the sanding of the legs when they come off of the lathe. In the early days of this machine it was not unusual for us to sell over 1000 of these legs every month, but these days the numbers are a fair bit less.

Have a look at our online shop to see the full range of cabriole legs that we have available for sale.

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