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90 Degree Bend for 50mm Round Timber Handrail

90 Degree Bend for 50mm Round Timber Handrail

When handrail is required for use in aged care facilities and hospitals; the Australian Standard 1428.1 states that when terminating the handrail (eg: when reaching a doorway), the handrail must return towards the wall, which is where a 90 degree bend comes into play.

We manufacture 90 degree bends to suit our 43mm and 50mm full round timber handrails and also one to suit our 50mm round handrail with the flat base.

Manufactured on our 5-axis CNC; these bends are the result of 100's of hours of development, but the reward is a great looking product that not only complies with the Australian Standard, but also makes life easy for the installer.

To find out more about these bends as well as other bends that we produce, please have a look in our online shop.

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