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90sq Turned Dining Table Legs

90sq Turned Dining Table Legs

For as long as my memory can stretch back we have been manufacturing the FL021R 90x90 Edwardian style turned dining table leg.

This design started its life in the very early 1980`s when a customer dropped into our factory and asked whether we could turn a replacement leg that had busted on their old dining table. Our foreman Kevin hand turned a leg for them, and my Dad, Geoff, liked it so much that he got Kevin to turn him another one that we then used to produce a rotary knife cutter head.

From this moment on this leg has been part of our range, and over the last 30 years we would have produced somewhere in the order of 50,000 or more; which I guess goes to show how well a product can sell when the design is right !

This legs is just one of a range of different sizes and designs of furniture legs that we make; all of which can be found in our online shop.

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