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Amercian Cherry Dowel Handrail

Amercian Cherry Dowel Handrail

It is nice when you get a request from a customer to make something out of a timber that you have never used before. This was the case recently when we were asked to make 40mm dowel timber handrail from American Cherry.

Not knowing much about the timber, I asked some local manufacturers who said that it was a good timber to work with, and machined quite easily.

As it turned out, the unique timber was only part of the challenge, the customer also wanted half of the job run with a 13mm wide x 26mm deep rebate. Given that the handrail was only finishing 40mm in diameter, to make a 26mm deep cut was a big challenge.

As you can see in the photos below, the end result was as requested, but there was a number of issues we faced in doing it, so I don't think we could have gone much deeper with the rebate.

Dowel Handrail

Dowel Rail

Round Handrail