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Unique Galvanised Fitting Applications

Unique Galvanised Fitting Applications

One of the best things about our galvanised fittings is just how versatile they are. While certainly most of our customers will use them to build handrailing and balustrades, we’ve also seen them used in some specialised, odd jobs. Here, galvanised base plates have been used build a bench in a service station… but more and more lately we’ve also been selling them to customers who are looking to build at home gym equipment or ballet barres. 

Galvanised fittings can be the perfect solution to both long term and temporary problems due to their versatile nature. They’re easy to use, assemble, and even disassemble! Galvanised pipe is inserted into the fitting and then held in place by hex screws (which can be loosened or tightened using allen keys). For added security, the hex screws can be spot welded over to ensure they won’t budge! Better still, is just how many different styles and sizes galv fittings are available in. No matter what application you’re looking to use them for, we’re certain you’ll be able to find the right fittings to suit your project.

Our entire Galvanised fitting range can be found online at, along with CAD drawings and prices. If you have any additional questions feel free to call us on (08) 8346 8211.