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We are still trading as normal.
Orders are still being shipped (the shutdown of the borders does NOT affect freight),
and our Adelaide store is open to walk in customers. (Current as of 2nd April)

Balustrade Using Stainless Tube and Fittings

Balustrade Using Stainless Tube and Fittings

Stainless steel used for stairs and balustrade creates a modern look that is popular in many of today's newly built homes. We have a range of tubes and fittings in various styles and sizes to choose from.

The photos below show a 50.8mm round tube in a satin finish combined with various fittings that was used by a customer of ours to construct a handrail on a staircase. In this particular case the fittings were glued to the handrail using T-Rex adhesive, but they could also be welded together if the client was looking for a more streamlined appearance.

All of these tubes and fittings can be purchased through our online shop.