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Cabriole and Queen Anne Legs

Cabriole and Queen Anne Legs

While our cabriole legs have always been a hit amongst our customers, I don’t think we’ve ever seen a customer quite as satisfied with the finished product as this. This very adorable, spoiled pooch is the perfect spokesperson for our cabriole legs, and his owners can attest to just how easy they were to install.

Over the years we’ve seen our cabriole and Queen Anne legs used for a variety of different jobs and purposes (due to the huge range of sizes we offer them in!). Whether you’re looking to build a table, footstool, or even a dog bed- I can guarantee we’ve got a cabriole, or Queen Anne style leg to suit!

This of style of leg first became popular in the mid 1720’s, and is still in fashion to this day. So if you’re looking to create a timeless furniture piece, why not drop into our shop or peruse our large range of cabriole legs online? They’re available in both Pine and Victorian Ash! You fan find our entire range of cabriole legs here- get in quickly while they're on sale!