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Casuarina Shopping Centre Fitout

Casuarina Shopping Centre Fitout

The Casuarina shopping centre is the largest complex in the Northern Territory of Australia. Earlier in 2017 they employed the services of Alpha Joinery, to do the fitout of the food hall and surrounding areas. There was a very large amount of timber involved in the job, and although Alpha Joinery were able to do much of it, to quicken up the process they decided to outsource a number of the different products that needed to be made. Which is where we came in to the picture.

What started as just a casual enquiry as to whether we could make some Pine dowel for them, soon turned into a massive 8 week long exercise of producing a large variety of different mouldings and products in various timbers.

At the time of making it, we had no idea as to what it was going to be used for; but thankfully Alpha Joinery took lots of photos, and were more than happy to allow us to put them on our website.

Nearly all of the exposed timber that you can see in these photos, from the roof to the walls to the seats was machined by us and then finished off by Alpha Joinery.