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Chamfered Timber Balusters

Chamfered Timber Balusters

20 years ago every staircase had a timber baluster of some sort of design in it, but these days there are so many more options; from wrought iron through to glass.

Despite these changes, one baluster design continues to be popular, the chamfered style.

As seen in the photos below, this design will suit a number of types of stairs, from more traditional styles where the balusters are polished the same colour as the rest of the stair, through to a more American style where the balusters are painted whilst the handrail is polished.

This baluster as well as other designs are available ex-stock in Pine or Vic Ash, but can also be made from other timber on request. Have a look in our online shop for more info.

Chamfered Wooden Balusters

Chamfered Timber Balusters

Chamfered Wooden Balustrade