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Custom Handrail Designs

Custom Handrail Designs

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to run dowel in a wide variety of different handrail profiles; some of which we’ve adopted and put on our online store, and others that we run especially for our customers.

Custom jobs such as the oval handrail profile you see here make up a larger portion of our business than one might expect. We receive inquiries and orders from all across Australia, and ship our products all over the country. You may be surprised by just how efficiently and quickly we can fill custom jobs – so it’s certainly worth dropping us a line. Whether you’re an architect looking for something particular to start a job, or you’re just looking to match an old handrail, we’re always searching for new projects to tackle!

Wide handrail profiles like these are typically used in commercial projects and settings like shopping centers, but are also increasingly being adopted in hospitals and nursing homes. The advantages of using wider handrails (in addition to meeting building code of course) is that they fit comfortably in your hand and provide more stability for elderly people than some of our smaller designs do.

If you’re interested in having a custom job quoted, please get in contact with us at . Alternatively, if you’re looking for a similar handrail profile in smaller quantities, why not check out our mono rail range?