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Keyhole Handrail Profile

Keyhole Handrail ProfileYears ago, we ran a keyhole shaped handrail for a customer of ours who liked to use the profile in aged care facilities. Being that it was such an obscure shape, and used for such a specific purpose, we never thought we’d be asked to run it again- but we were wrong!
With more and more aged care facilities being built every day, we found ourselves coming back to this profile more often than we ever expected. A profile like this works perfectly as both a handrail and guardrail, making it ideal for use in hospitals and nursing homes.
Unlike some of our other profiles, the keyhole handrail is fixed directly to the wall, rather than being attached with handrail brackets- making it easier to keep clean in sterile settings. Its bulky size means that the timber will not generally bow, and the handrail can be spanned over longer distances without needing to be supported.
While this isn’t a profile we keep the shelf, we’re more than happy run it on a job by job basis. If you are interested in getting a quote, please send your enquiry to and reference this article. If you’re looking for a similar style to install in your home, why not check out our pigs ear handrail?