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DIY Wire Balustrade

DIY Wire Balustrade

Whether you’re building a new deck from scratch, or updating existing balustrade, there’s never been a better time to get outdoors and try your hand at wire balustrading yourself! With so many different systems available, there’s no shortage of choice, and you’re almost guaranteed to find one to suit your specific needs. Stainless steel wire systems can be used outdoors on decks, or even indoors on staircases as a fall barrier.

Pictured above and below is an example of wire balustrade system 2/Kit C. This system is one of our most popular for use in conjunction with metal posts, as it’s incredibly easy to install. In fact, it’s so easy that you can do it solo, unlike some other kits which require two sets of hands. All you’ll need are some pre-drilled posts, a rivet nut inserter and a hydraulic swayger- all of which are available in out online store! Not only will wire balustrade help ensure your deck is safe and meets regulation, but it looks incredible. What better time than now to get your outdoor area primed and ready for BBQ season?

The hardest part about installing wire balustrading systems is choosing which kit you like best! You can find our entire range of kits and systems online or on display in our Adelaide store!