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We are still trading as normal.
Orders are still being shipped (the shutdown of the borders does NOT affect freight), and our Adelaide store is open to walk in customers.

Tools For DIY Stainless Wire Balustrade

Tools For DIY Stainless Wire Balustrade

Late last year we added a range of stainless steel wire rope and fittings to our online shop. These products are perfect for creating fantastic looking wire cable balustrade.

It is not much good selling the wire and fittings if you don't sell the equipment that is required to assemble it; so we now also sell a hydraulic swager, hand swager, wire cutter and cable tightener.

All of these products are competitively priced and can be found in our online shop; so if you have ever thought about doing wire cable on our balustrade, we now have nearly everything you need to make it possible.

Stainless Steel Wire Cable

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Tools