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EZIRAIL 180 degree Over Scroll

EZIRAIL 180 degree Over Scroll

Australian Standard 1428.1 for Access and Mobility, states that timber handrail must terminate by either returning towards the wall or turn back on itself at 180 degrees. The EZIRAIL 180 degree over scroll has been specifically designed by us to achieve the latter of these 2 options.

We have been manufacturing a 50mm round timber handrail for a number of years now, but it has only been more recently that we have added this part to the range after a number requests from customer.

We always had the option of returning the handrail to the wall by using our 90 degree bend, but in some situations this won't work, so the 180 degree over scroll was designed to provide an alternative way of finishing the handrail.

This product as well as others in the EZIRAIL range can be found here in our online shop.