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Ezirail Daybed

Ezirail Daybed

Timber dowel handrail is most commonly used on stairways and ramps, but is actually quite a versatile product. In the past, we’ve seen people using timber handrail as ballet bars in dance studios, or as a part of art projects, but we’ve never seen our handrail used quite like this before!

Recently, one of our customers sent us some photographs of a daybed they’d constructed using our Ezirail range. While we never envisioned our handrail being used in this manner, we were certainly impressed by the creativity and results! There are seemingly infinite uses for our products that we are unaware of, which is why we’re always appreciative when customers send us photos of their projects. Not only do we enjoy seeing the finished product, but sharing it with our readers for inspiration.

As can see, our 50mm Ezirail range was used on this particular project, and makes for a modern, sleek alternative to your everyday bedhead. Timber handrail is incredibly easy to fit together, which makes it perfect for DIY furniture projects like these; we’ll even cut the handrail for you! To fit bends to the handrail lengths, drill into the end of the handrail with a 16mm drill bit, and use a 16mm multi groove dowel (and glue) to join the parts together. It’s as simple as that! A small amount of sanding may be required to blend where the parts join, but otherwise the process should be seamless.

All of the Ezirail materials used on this project can be found in our online store, including drilling jigs and joining dowels