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Unique Verandah Fretwork

Unique Verandah FretworkI always love it when customers come up with a use for a product that it was not intended for. This was the case recently when a customer sent us some photos of a verandah bracket that they had purchased from us.

Verandah bracket AB016R was designed to be used as a decorative feature that is fixed in the corner where a verandah post meets the horizontal facia board, but as you can see in the photos below, the customer not only did it in the corner, but exteneded it from post to post across the whole facia to create a unique verandah fretwork.

I would have never even considered doing this, but is my opinion it looks really good, and is something that if you had the right style of home (and you had tall enough facias) you could look to do on your own home.

This verandah bracket as well as many others that we sell can be found in our online shop.