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Finger Jointed Hardwood Round Handrail

Finger Jointed Hardwood Round Handrail

When it comes to Australian hardwoods like Victorian Ash, where the main attraction is to be able to see the grain by putting a clear polish on it, rather than covering it with a paint; it makes sense for the timber to have clean lines and be free of defects. You would think then that finger-jointing this timber would dilute the visual look you are trying to achieve. Well recently we did a job where the results surprised us ...

A few months back we had a request from a customer to manufacture 250 lengths of 50mm Victorian Ash round dowel in 2.7 metre lengths. When you purchase a pack of Victorian Ash it does NOT come in set lengths, rather it is random in length with pieces varying from 1 metre to 5 metres and every length in between. Trying to get 250 lengths at 2.7 metres would result in having to go through a huge number of packs of timber trying to get the number of pieces required.

It was whilst trying to solve this dilemma that I remembered a conversation that I had with a local timber supplier who said that he had set length packs of 5.7m Victorian Ash that was 65 x 65 finish. This timber could easily be machined to a 50mm dowel, and the 5.7m lengths could be cut into 2 pieces at 2.7 metres with a small offcut. Perfect ! The only issue was that it was finger-jointed.

I spoke to the customer and explained the problem. To my surprise they were happy to proceed, so I ordered the timber and ran the profile. The results of which can be seen in the photos in this blog. I was blown away by how good the final product looked, and more importantly, just how minimal the the finger-jointing impacted on the over appearance of the dowel.

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