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Galvanised Tube Available In 5 Different Sizes

Galvanised Tube Available In 5 Different Sizes

It wouldn't make sense to sell a range of galvanised tube fittings if we weren't also going to sell the matching tube sizes to suit.

As a result we sell galvanised tube in 5 different sizes. 27mm, 34mm, 42mm, 48mm and the biggest, 60mm. These measurements refer to the outside diameter of the tube.

The wall thickness varies for each tube size as shown below;

27mm Tube - Wall thickness 2.6mm

34mm Tube - Wall thickness 3.2mm

42mm Tube - Wall thickness 3.2mm

48mm Tube - Wall thickness 3.2mm

60mm Tube - Wall thickness 3.6mm

Each size of tube is available in 2 different lengths; 1.0 metre and 3.0 metre.

The tube can be found here in our online shop.