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Galvanized fittings for handrails

Galvanized fittings for handrails

We’ve talked quite a bit about creative uses for Galvanized fittings in the past, but we’ve yet to show you how they’re used by the majority of our customers. Given that we sell so many stair and handrail parts, it probably comes as no surprise that these fittings are often used for similar purposes.

Galvanized handrails are perfect for outdoor use as they’re weather resistant and hot dipped to protect against rust. This style of handrail is particularly popular in commercial projects, as galvanized tube is far less expensive than stainless steel or other outdoor handrail alternatives. However, this is not the only use for galvanized handrail- as you can see, galv fittings and pipe can also be used around the home too. Whether you need to meet code before selling your property, or simply need a little extra assistance scaling the stairs at home, galvanized tube and fittings are a cost effective and DIY friendly alternative to stainless steel.

The best part about these galvanized fittings is that no adhesive or welding is required to fit them together- all you need is a hex key! These fittings can be tightened or loosened as needed, so they’re easy to adjust. Some fittings even accommodate for adjustments in angle!

Our full range of galvanized fittings are available online, for a variety of different pipe sizes ranging from 27mm through to 60mm (OD).