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We are still trading as normal.
Orders are still being shipped (the shutdown of the borders does NOT affect freight), and our Adelaide store is open to walk in customers.

Half Dowel in the Qantas Lounge

Half Dowel in the Qantas Lounge

Not only is our service first class, but now we can proudly say that our products are too! If you’ve ever visited the Qantas lounge in Brisbane airport, you may have seen some of our 43mm half dowel being used as part of a feature wall.

Using dowel and half dowel in interior design has come back into style- especially for use in/as feature walls, ceilings and as part of light fittings. Perhaps the coolest part about using dowel in this fashion is that it can be easily matched with your stair handrail and treads!

While we don’t currently sell half dowel on our online store, we’re more than happy to talk about running a custom order for you via email! The dowel used in the Qantas lounge (pictured) was Victorian Ash, BUT we have plenty of other wood species to choose from. You don’t have to be renovating an airport lounge to drop us a line- we’re more than happy to quote you on smaller quantities. Alternatively, why not take a look at our fully round 43mm Dowel? For all business inquiries, including information on our half dowel, please contact us at