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Galvanised Fittings Being Put To Good Use

Galvanised Fittings Being Put To Good Use

It is funny how you start noticing a product being used a lot more after you add it to the range of products that you carry. Since adding the range of galvanised pipe fittings late last year, I have noticed it in many different locations from clothing outlets to restaurants; and just the other day I saw it at my son's cricket.

At Christian Brothers College oval in the city parkland of Adelaide they have raised viewing platform that looks out over the oval. The balustrade that acts as a barrier to stop people falling off the platform is constructed from galvanised fittings.

This particular barrier was constructed form the range of 48mm diameter fittings; which is just 1 of 5 sizes of fittings available; the other ones being 27mm, 34mm, 42mm and 60mm.

All of these fittings as well as the straight sections of pipe are available from our online shop.

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