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Roof Finials

Roof FinialsBack when Hammersmith first opened its doors, some of our fastest moving and most sought-after products were the gable roof finials. Although times have changed, and bungalow style houses are less popular than they once were, roof finials are still very much in demand.

The style and design of our finials have remained consistent over the years, making them perfect replacement pieces for heritage listed sites, or those looking to match existing finials. Replacing damaged or rotten finials is an easy and inexpensive way to give your roof a refresh, without having to cash out for a roofer.

We recommend priming and painting your finial prior to installation to minimize the time spent on your roof. This will also ensure that it is properly sealed, and that there are no areas left exposed to the weather. For the best results, we recommend sealing and painting your finial as soon as possible so that the timber is not left exposed to extreme heat or cold (which can lead to cracking) for any extended period of time.

While you’re there don’t forget to send us through pictures of your finished projects, so that we can feature them on future blogs! You can find our roof finials online, or in store in Brompton.