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COVID-19 (Oct 2020) : Orders are still being sent to all parts of Australia (including Melbourne), but there may
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Metal Post Caps for 90sq Posts

Metal Post Caps for 90sq PostsKeeping up with the latest design and building trends can be exhausting, expensive and time consuming; but it really needn't be. Replacing your tired, old fence post capitals is an easy job- one that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes and makes a world of difference to the appearance your yard. 

Black, Stainless Steel and Copper fittings are back in fashion- having been featured on a range of design and renovation shows over the past few months. Like us, you may love the look but be hesitant to commit to anything too permanent; in which case, you'd be happy to know that these post capitals for 90sq posts can be as permanent, or temporary as you want them to be. For a long-term fix, we recommend attaching them to your posts using either silicon or a suitable wood/metal glue. For something more temporary, you can attach them using two small wood screws.

All of our metal post caps, and various other styles of post capitals can be found online or in our Adelaidestore.