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New Exterior Post Capital Design

New Exterior Post Capital DesignOur range of exterior use fence post capitals has continued to grow over many years. From the early days where all the designs were more traditional turned profiles, to more recently where we have added designs in both glass and metal finishes.

We have now just added another new design to our range; the rather aptly named "FLAT" post capital. This new design comes in 4 sizes to fit over 90sq, 100sq, 115sq and 125sq fence posts.

As you can see by the photos below, there is a recess on the underside of the cap that allows it to simply drop over the post. Then with some screws or nails and a bit of exterior adhesive you can securely fasten it to the top of your post ready for a couple of coats of paint.

You can shop for this design as well as others on our online shop.