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An Inventive Use for Dining Table Legs

An Inventive Use for Dining Table LegsWe love it when people find alternative uses for our products, especially when they’re as creative as this! While we sell a range of roof finials on our website, it seems that this Adelaide local preferred our furniture legs. If you don’t recognize it from afar, that’s our Turned Dining Table Leg (FL021R). We can’t help but wonder what this customer’s dining table looks like if he used the legs as a finial!

If you’re interested in a more traditional turned finial, then we’ve got you covered. We’ve been making turned roof finials for many years now, ranging from 350mm long, all the way through to 1850mm! If however you’re interested in a finial similar to the one seen in the pictures above, we also have a large range of table legs for sale on our online store. We do recommend that you treat the product first before installing it, as whilst our finials are already treated, our table legs are not. All products used for exterior use should be treated. The treatment we recommend can be found here on our online shop.

All of these products, and more, can be found on our online store or on display in our Brompton warehouse. For product or sales inquiries please call us in the office on (08) 8346 8211, or email