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Budget Post Caps

Budget Post CapsOur stair post capitals are by far some of our best-selling and most popular items both due to their durability, and timeless designs. Up until recently we only stocked two styles, pyramid and scalloped, which are both quite ornamental; but minimalist design trends on the rise, we saw a need to begin stocking a more simplified, streamlined post capital- which we have dubbed the ‘budget post cap’. This paint-grade timber cap is both light on the wallet, and easy on the eyes-killing two birds with one stone.

The dimensions and specs of this cap can be found here, or in the item description on our website. You can also use our site to look up pricing, CAD drawings, product codes and additional photographs for all of our stocked products. Installation instructions, finishing recommendations and videos can also sometimes be found in the product description- so if you’re ever looking for additional information on our goods, is a fantastic place to start.