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Vancouver Timber Handrail

Vancouver Timber HandrailA few years back on a trip to Vancouver we dropped in to see a timber manufacturing business that we had been sourcing products through for about a decade.

This company was quite a bit larger than ours, so it was good to tour their factory and see how they do things compared to us.

One of the products they did show us was a triangular shaped handrail, which they said was their number 1 seller. Although the shape was fairly simple, it wasn't really a close match to any of our standard designs that we were already making, so we decided to produce some of our own tooling for it and add it to the collection of handrail that we stock. In seemed a logical next step to call it the Vancouver Rail in honour of where it originated from.

Measuring 55mm in width and 42mm in height, the Vancouver Rail comes in 2 timbers, Pine and Victorian Ash, and is available in our online shop.