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New Product Catalogue Available For Download

New Product Catalogue Available For DownloadWe are pleased to announce that we have just released our new Product Catalogue, and you can click the image below or go to this link to download it.

If anyone has ever had experience in putting together a catalogue, you will know that it can be quite a substantial undertaking.

Our previous catalogue was released in July 2016 and at the point in time we put a date of 2016 to 2018 on the front cover, as we figured that after 3 years we would be able to put out a new one.

Well 2018 disappeared into 2019, and then COVID came along in 2020 and that year quickly went by also. Towards the end of 2020 we decided that it was getting a bit embarrassing that our current catalogue was so far out of date, so we prioritised creating a new one.

We decided to alter the format/layout of the catalogue so that when we do future editions it will be a lot easier to update. As a result of these changers and also due to the addition of a number of new products, the new catalogue has increased in size from 52 pages to 124.

The end result we are very proud of, and hopefully you will agree.