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COVID-19 Update (Aug 2020) : We are located in Adelaide, South Australia.
Orders are still being shipped to all parts of Australia (including Melbourne), but there may
be slight delivery delays due to restrictions that transport companies are currently dealing with.

New Gooseneck Roof Finial

New Gooseneck Roof Finial

We have just recently added a new Gooseneck design to our range of roof finials that we sell.

Manufactured from Western Red Cedar, this finial is a great addition to the gable of a traditional style Australian home.

It comes with a metal flanged base that is already attached to the base of the finial; which allows easy fixing to the gable of a metal via pop rivets.

This finial, as well as others that we sell can be found here in our online shop.

Gooseneck Gable Spire