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New HAMMERSMITH Branded Hydraulic Swager

New HAMMERSMITH Branded Hydraulic Swager

When we decided to grow our business in the area of stainless steel wire balustrading, we wanted to make sure that the products we sold were DIY friendly. To make this possible it was a priority to have a good quality hydraulic swager that was also priced at a point that would not scare customers away.

When we started looking into what was available, we quickly found that the swagers themselves were of reasonable quality, but the dies that crimp the fittings were below par, and as a result they did not last long enough. Initially we started making our own dies to overcome this issue, but we were then able to find a swager that was not only of good quality, but also had good quality dies that would be good for a number of jobs.

After a bit of research we found the company in china who made them, and then got them to make our own HAMMERSMITH branded hydraulic swager; complete with plastic carry case and a full set of dies. The first batch arrived last month, and so far the overwhelming response we have had from customers has been very positive.

This item as well as the other tools we sell can be found in our online shop.