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New Stainless Wire Balustrade System

New Stainless Wire Balustrade System

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new stainless wire balustrade system. Known as the Ezi-Crimp, it can be used on timber or metal posts.

It's big selling feature is the minimalist look that is achieved when fully fitted out. Unlike other system which can have up to 150mm of bulky stainless parts on one or both ends of the wire, this system has just 25mm on one end and 10mm on the other; which greatly enhances the visual impact of wire balustrading.

These fittings, used in conjunction with 3.2mm 1x19 wire cable, are now instock and can be found in our online shop. Just search for the term PRORIG and you will find what you need.

Wire Cable Balustrade Fittings

Stainless Wire Balustrade