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New Style Of Treated Pyramid Fence Post Capital

New Style Of Treated Pyramid Fence Post Capital

Treated fence post capitals have been part of our range of external building products for the past 25 years. The more traditional turned styles have given way to the more fashionable pyramid designs over the last 10 years. Just recently though we were asked by a customer to come up with a variation on the pyramid design. The end result was a much more substantial design.

The customer wanted a pyramid top to fit over a 90sq post, but also wanted a more substantial base moulding than what our regular treated pyramid post capitals have.

After a bit of thought I came up with the idea of combining one of our large pyramid post caps with our 90x90 post capital mould. The end result can be seen in the photos.

The customer loved the design and we set about producing their order. We were also happy with the end result and decided to add this to our range of treated fence post capitals and call it the Balmain Post Cap, which can be found in our online shop.