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New Weinig Machine!

New Weinig Machine!

Those of you interested in woodworking may be interested in meeting the newest member of our family- the Weinig Cube! As the name may suggest, the Cube is a German made machine, which we purchased after a visit to a trade show in Europe.

At it's core, the Cube is a simple 4-sider that is used to dress rough sawn timber to a common size, but what makes the Cube stand out from other 4-siders is its intuitive design and functionality. Truly, it’s so streamlined and straightforward that a child could run it (though admittedly, we’re yet to test that theory). Not only does this new addition basically run itself, but it also cuts down on our production times due to the incredibly quick setup times when changing from one size to the next. Rough sawn timber is quickly turned into something smooth and workable, saving us boundless amounts of effort and time- which we all know are in especially short supply leading up to Christmas.

Forgive us for gloating, but we simply couldn’t wait to share the news of our new purchase with our customers. While you may not notice any changes to the end product, the time and energy saved by this machine will help ensure our turnaround times are quicker than ever!

Want to see what our new machine is capable of? Why not check out our plain stair posts!