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Dowel Feature Wall

Dowel Feature WallA dowel feature wall can add interest, depth and texture to any home or office setting. While the natural choice for such a piece would our half dowels, using a more rounded profile (such as the one pictured) adds additional intrigue, and depth to the space.
When planning to install a dowel feature wall, it’s important to consider what kind of look you are trying to achieve before ordering the timber. Placing dowel pieces side by side (without gaps in-between) will create a more natural, neutral backdrop; whereas spacing the dowels out allows you to play with the colour of your wall. Dark colours such as black or navy will accentuate the texture and depth of the feature wall; whereas light colours such as white and beige will create a more muted, beachy look.
Another aspect to consider during the planning phase is which timber species will best suit your space, and budget! Timbers such as American oak, Spotted Gum and Blackbutt are popular choices but can be more expensive than more readily available species like Victorian Ash and Pine. Another benefit of using Radiata Pine (pictured) is that it comes in quite long, set lengths- meaning you won’t need to be joining dowel onsite.
So no matter your budget, or the look you are trying to achieve, we’re more than happy to help! If you’re interested in large quantities of dowel, we recommend calling us in the office, or sending us a request for a quote via email. For smaller quantities, you can place an order online or visit us in store.