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Retro Style Tapered Timber Furniture Legs

Retro Style Tapered Timber Furniture Legs

It is funny how history tends to repeat itself when it comes to furniture design. Back in the 1960's we were regularly manufacturing simple turned tapered legs for use on various pieces of furniture; and here we are now 50 years later doing the same thing again.

Earlier this year we added 2 new turned timber furniture legs to our range. The first was 750mm in length and the second was 250mm. Both legs are 43mm in diameter at the top, tapering down to a smaller diameter at the base. Both sizes are available in Pine and Vic Ash.Each leg is also supplied with a 5/16" lag screw at the top, which can be fixed to furniture using a vertical leg plate, angled leg plate or T Nut.

While doing a clean out we came across a bag of legs that came with a cardboard header that promoted the "Slim Line" range of wooden furniture legs made by Hammersmith. Upon chatting to my Dad, he told me that these legs and packaging dated back to the mid-1960's, as the business was already making them when he joined in the late 1960's.

It is scary to think how similar these legs are to the "new" ones that we have just added.

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