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Rebated Timber Handrail

Rebated Timber HandrailDoing a rebate in a timber handrail is something we have done many times, but occasionally we get a request for a size that makes us ask the question .... "can we do that ?"

This was the case recently when a customer wanted to buy our Victorian rail profile in the Australian timber  Victorian Ash. This profile is 70mm wide and 45mm high. The customer then wanted us to machine a rebate that was 42mm wide and 26mm deep. The rebate needed to be this big, as it had to fit over the top of section of aluminium that formed part of a balustrade.

Machining a rebate this big is not an easy thing to do, but following some lateral thinking from one of our staff, we came up with a plan that allowed us to produce this handrail with this large a rebate in one pass through our moulder.

You can find this handrail as well as all the others that we produce on our online shop. If you need a rebate put into one of our handrails, then please contact us.