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Shopping Trolley Bay Using Galvanised Fittings

Shopping Trolley Bay Using Galvanised Fittings

Whilst at the local shopping centre the other day I came across a shopping trolley storage bay that made use of some of the galvanised pipe fittings that we sell.

The big selling point of these fittings is that they are easily fixed in place with the simple turn of an hex key, which means that no welding is required. This is particularly helpful with these sorts of structures where they can get damaged by cars driving into them, and therefore can be more easily repaired.

There is over 100 different fittings to choose from, with the majority of them available for fixing to 5 different pipe sizes; 27, 34, 42, 48 and 60mm.

All of these fittings as well as lengths of pipe can be found in our online shop.