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Square Tapered Hardwood Lounge Legs

Square Tapered Hardwood Lounge Legs

Radiata Pine is an easy timber to work with because it is so soft, but if you want a timber product to look really good, then a great place to start is a timber like Victorian Ash.

Many lounge manufacturers like to use a hardwood, like Victorian Ash, rather than Pine, as it a much harder wearing timber, which means the lounge that it is being put on will look better for longer.

The lounge leg shown in the photo below is a simple square design that is tapered evenly on all 4 sides. It is produced for a company in Melbourne, and has been made for them for many years now.

Although this design is not available in our online shop, many other similar and different design are, and they can all be found here.

Square Tapered Lounge Legs