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Square Tapered Wooden Table Legs

Square Tapered Wooden Table Legs

Our history is based on woodturning, and it is no secret that if we had the choice, everything we do would be turned; but we also understand that trends change, and at the moment "less is more", which means when it comes to wooden table legs we also need to offer non-turned designs.

As you can see in the photos below, we produce both a modern square tapered dining table leg that is made from 735 x 90 x 90mm timber and a coffee table leg that is made from 450 x 68 x 68mm timber.

These legs are tapered on all 4 sides, and have a small bead around the top of the leg to highlight where the taper starts.

These designs, as well as all the other table legs designs that we do, are available for sale in our online shop.

Tapered Wooden Table Legs

Tapered Timber Table Legs