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Stainless Glass Clamps Rated to 100kg

Stainless Glass Clamps Rated to 100kg

For the last few years we have been selling a range of stainless steel glass clamps. They come in different sizes and different finishes (ie. Satin or Mirror) and can be fitted to either round or square posts.

One issue that can occur with glass clamps of this style is glass slippage; where the glass slowly over time will slip down due to gravity and the weight of the glass panel.

At a minimum this is an inconvenience, as it means that the panel needs to be pushed up again and re-tightened in place; but it can also be dangerous if it meant that the glass panel was to slip out of its clamp and break.

Thankfully the manufacturer has been working on a fix for this problem and has have made some minor changes to the design of the clamp and the types of rubbers that are used to grip the glass. As a result of these changes a glass panel being held by 4 glass clamps can now weigh up to 100kg without glass slippage being an issue.

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