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Stair Posts and Balusters In Jarrah

Stair Posts and Balusters In Jarrah

We don't make as many turned posts and balusters for stairs as we once use to, so it is nice when you get a request from one of you customers to do a large job in a great looking timber like Jarrah.

Jarrah is grown exclusively in Western Australia, and due to restrictions in logging, it use has become much more restricted over the last 10 years, and as a result the price of it has also risen.

This job was for a Perth stairbuilder who had a client that was looking for a very traditional Jarrah staircase. As you can see by the photos; there was a heap of posts and balusters for the job, as well as some floor to ceiling posts to support the staircase.

We were pretty proud on how this job turned out, and hopefully the end client will be just as happy with how the overall staircase comes out.

Timber Stair Posts and Balusters