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Table Legs for Woodstock Winery

Table Legs for Woodstock Winery

Woodstock Winery are a family owned, South Australian business much like our own; located just outside of Adelaide in McLaren Vale. More than 20 years ago they approached us to produce a custom stand/table leg for their winery, which we were more than happy to turn and supply for them! The pieces were so unique however, that when it came time to update and replace them, they were unable to find anything similar on the market. So, more 20 years on, they returned to us once again asking us to replicate the piece.

As you can imagine, locating a pattern from 20+ years ago was no easy feat! Computers simply didn't play the same role in wood turning in the 90's as they do today, and it would take more than a quick google search to turn up this pattern. In fact, Google wasn't founded until a few years after we produced the first run of legs!

Thankfully we’re hoarders, and happened to keep a hard copy of the pattern and we were able to produce an entirely new set of legs for our customer. The new legs look fantastic, and we’re glad to see the tables restored to their former glory! It was more than worth the effort of dredging up the old pattern.

While we don’t stock these exact legs in our online store, you’re more than welcome to look through out stocked range, or contact us to inquire about custom pieces!